Hey Y’all!

Come and take a peak behind the scenes of the latest happenings on our Garden Rose farm. Our family run farm is situated in the backwoods of Kauai. Some folks refer to us as Kauai Guns n’ Roses because we are also home to the islands only Sporting Club where we teach clay target shooting to tens of thousands of people a year!

Aside from growing fairy tale garden roses and shooting a whole lot of clays, we really like to cook and eeeaaat…so much so that some folks don’t even pay much attention to our farming or our shooting and they just come on by for what’s being served up for breakfast or supper.

We joke that this island is full of such wonderful hiking spots, but the term “hike” doesn’t really sit well with us. That is, unless it involves a shot gun and our Bird Dog, Moose. Anyone who has visited with us knows well and good who runs this joint. Starts with M ends with oose. We just recently lost big brother, Zeke Bear Dog who will forever be the one who started it all. 13 some odd years ago…an empty plot of land, an open minded land owner and a dog with a dream.

He knew all along that this little gun club would be what it is today. Not big, not fancy but built with our bare hands and full of heart, charm and family. Little did we know this dog had a solid plan. A plan for us to meet, have our kids, dogs, bring the community together all in the name of guns and roses. who woulda thunk.

We look forward to sharing more of our little story from this little island. Our family recipes, planting how to’s, Sporting Clays techniques and so much more.

warmest regards,

Jade, Ben & Co.

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